The Specialist Trade Experts

Hope Electrical

The electrical company of our group that provides you with the safest and strategic solutions to all your electrical needs. With our highly trained electricians 

Hope Plumbing

Hope plumbing is the company of Hopes Services Group that provides innovative solutions to water, gas and drainage plumbing. Having an efficient plumbing service is imperative. Our plumbing team can deliver both services with our licensed water, gas and drainage plumbers. Hope Plumbing incorporates our highly rated Ninja Plumbing Services.

Hope Aircon

Hope Aircon is the air conditioning company of our group that provides you with a convenient installation and repair services. Our aircon experts will make it easy for you to install and fix problems for all types of air conditioning units. Hope Aircon offers our Ninja Aircon Services to all customers.

 Hope Refrigeration

Hope Refrigeration is aimed at Commercial cool rooms and freezers, Commercial aircon systems in large buildings, and Commercial refrigeration systems. An Aircon installer doesn’t often work on larger refrigeration systems as it much more industrial rated and requires much more knowledge and experience than installing pre set up AC units. Refrigeration is far more focused on the mechanical functions of the refrigeration system where Aircon is more focused on Air movement and efficient airflow controls.  

Hope Building Group

We want to build your house / duplex! We understand all the trades inside out and licenced in the specialist trades. We have our own highly trained team of trades and access to the best tradesmen I’ve met over my time. We aim to streamline every process and combine trades to pull off exceptional projects with all the bells and whistles. We are already experts in Home automation, Electrical, Plumbing, Aircon, Carpentry, Water proofing. Our focus is on exceptional quality, innovation, efficiency, integrity all of which are severely lacking these days. Check out our Hope Building Page for more information. 

Build With Hope!







Let Us help you plan and build your Dream House, Kitchen, Bathroom, Deck Or Extention.

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